Burning Down the House, August 18 2010
I spoke with Curtis B. Wayne, Matt Arnold, and Roderick Knox about my concept for VERB, an architecture school that actually teaches you how to build.

Burning Down the House, October 20 2010
If our brains are their most creative when we let them work out problems on their own time, then why are students pressured to pull all-nighter after all-nighter in an attempt to force creativity? Curtis B Wayne, Nick Agneta, and I discuss. GO HOME!

Burning Down the House, November 17 2010
I speak with Curtis B. Wayne, Matt Arnold, Jacob Alspector, Matt Arnold, and Caroline Bailey about the state of licensure in the USA

Burning Down the House, June 24 2012
I speak with Curtis B. Wayne and Matt Arnold about my affordable, online, hands-on unSchool of Architecture

Burning Down the House, February 3, 2013
Curtis B. Wayne and I discussed the failure of contemporary form making and why so much of contemporary architecture neglects the users of the structures


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