Traditional Schooling is an Unnatural Way to Learn

"Here’s a radical idea worth contemplating: that school is not the best way to learn...School fragments knowledge in the name of specialization...School is out of order. Here’s the way many people, especially natural leaders, learn best: they run into a problem. If they are motivated to solve the problem, they look for solutions. An unsolved problem is distressing to people, so they tend to remember the experience. The process of searching for a solution is usually costly and painful so they remember that too. At the end of this experience, they have an emotionally bonded memory of the problem, a sense of elation at having found the solution, an answer to their question, and in addition to having learned the answer to their initial question, have also learned a little more about how to learn. What I’ve just described is real life. It’s how one gets wisdom."
With Traditional Schooling Increasingly Obsolete, How To Learn Without Being Taught


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