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+ November 26, 2017 - I found a book on one of my favorite artist-architects, Hundertwasser, and wish to share his speech Everybody Must be Creative, 1949

+ February 3, 2013 - After talking with Curtis B. Wayne on Burning Down the House about form making, I felt inspired to write a guide to Responsible Form Making: Designing the Shapes of Countless Lives Without Being a Total Asshole About It

+ January 24, 2013 - Diller Scofidio + Refro's latest show-all reminds me that we have No Expectation of Privacy.

+ January 17, 2013 - I have a question about unpaid internships.

+ January 13, 2013 - I added some uglyass shit to wtf?! architecture.

+ November 29, 2012 - I added more delights to I like this house and some information about underground living.

+ November 18, 2012 - I came across an NPR study on creativity that reminded me why architecture school is such a mindfuck.

+ November 13, 2012 - A dream about Harvard makes me ask, "Can True Learning Happen in School?"

+ October 2, 2012 - I read The Timeless Way of Building and it changed my life.

+ August 22, 2012 - I read On Bullshit and found out why architecture students talk like that.

+ August 16, 2012 - I added some inspiring thoughts that I had after reading The Real Architect's Handbook: Things I Didn't Learn in Architecture School

+ August 14, 2012 - I added some thoughts about Urban Planning. It's called The Whoredom of Urban Planning, Or, How to Get Your Soul Back and Start Designing Places that Matter. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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